What is it?

We are a group of concerned Melbournians and festival lovers who want to create a wave of inclusiveness and cooperation throughout the COVID crisis lockdowns.

Festivals have always been places where diverse people come together to connect, share, learn and celebrate life’s diversity. The ProTestival is being birthed in Melbourne, Australia, which is the home to more major festivals than any other city on earth. We now want this ProTestival to spread and set the tone for a global transformation that will see the world emerge from the current crisis and enter into a new age of cooperation and human flourishing.

Our Values

  • Integrity & honesty
  • Respectful discussion & transparency
  • Positive action & non-violence
  • Joy & celebration
  • Human connection & compassion

Our guiding principles

  • Self-organizing decentralized organic emergence
  • Collaborative peer-2-peer processes
  • Gift economy and resource sharing
  • Self-determination, self-sovereignty, self-accountability  
  • Inclusivity and openness

We want the collective to rise above a paradigm of separateness and exclusivity, reclaim our humanity and connect with self, each other and nature. We see a celebratory wave of inclusiveness on the horizon and want to assist others recognise the frequencies they generate contribute to the collective reality. To change our reality, we must change ourselves. There is no other way.

Beyond the judgments and negativity of the mind is the exuberant, joyous chorus of life – the primal dance of the universe that many of us have forgotten. We want to bring as many as possible into this joyful state and resonate with a frequency of love so we can manifest natural order – the order that arises when life recognises itself. We hope to do this by facilitating the direct experience of joy and connection that comes from music, dancing and expressions of pubic solidarity and unity.

There is already a wealth of information being circulated on the inconsistencies, corruption, deception etc. that we have manifested as a collective. However, such information is often presented fearfully and aggressively, albeit passionately, and provokes unnecessary resistance in those who would benefit the most. It also sets an unhealthy tone to those doing their best to sound the alarm. What may be obvious to one person after years of independent research can be inconceivable, confronting or traumatising to others when placed out of context. We need to acknowledge we are all at different stages of awakening to the reality of our existence.

Assisting others in their personal awakening will take patience, compassion and intelligence. The currency of wellness is connection and we need to connect with as many people as possible. We all play different roles in our society – we are all fingers of the same hand. One finger will not do – the hand functions best when it is whole. It takes many spices to make a spicy dish.

In addition to facilitating expressions of public joy we’d like to provide information, questions, solutions, etc. minus the judgment, hate, anger, exclusivity. We understand many are experiencing these emotions, but in doing so are perpetuating the frequencies similar to those they oppose. We must of course rise and work together, but we need to do this carefully and thoughtfully for we wield (mostly unknowingly) the magic of consciousness; There is no greater power in this universe and with great power comes great responsibility.

We all experience the karma of the collective – we are all connected to our reality and each play a part in its creation. We must acknowledge we’ve co-created whatever difficulties, injustices and violations we are experiencing. This is not something to be ashamed of, it is about growing and recognising the enormous responsibility we have for our thoughts, words and deeds. We can uplift each other as we reveal the hidden and long forgotten beauty in life. It is the responsibility of each of us to take on that great work and reinvigorate the ‘life’ in our lives.

We understand the frustrations everyone has with the police and government – we often grapple with them ourselves. However, the people that make up these institutions are part of the “us”. It is vital to ensure those who are identified as the ‘voice of ProTestival’ don’t pick sides and instead remain as neutral and inclusive as possible. There are people awakening everywhere, in the public service as well. Polarising these groups will work against our desired outcome.

We want to work together enthusiastically towards refining the social structure we are currently in – to be ‘pro’ instead of ‘anti. There are good people in place everywhere – let us take the energy of inclusiveness and assistance to those who can help effect positive change for us all. It seems like it’s about ‘us’ and ‘them’ and they hold the power – it’s not thankfully – its only about ‘us. From prophet to prisoner – How we live, how we come together and how we shape the future – we are all one, we are all manifestations of life.

How do we do it?

By raising our own consciousness and in doing so helping others raise theirs. The problems facing the world are complex and simply asking for things to change is not enough, we need to come forward with the solutions.

It is not enough to change the world: We need to toilet-train the world, then we’ll never have to change it again.

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