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Melbourne ProTestival is live ALL DAY EVERY DAY

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“If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution”

Protestival is an online event that will enable every home stereo speaker, boom box and mobile device to become part of our PA system that broadcasts uplifting music and messages every day, until the lockdown ends.

In crises there is opportunity

Our collective awakening is underway and it is up to each of us to support and uplift all of the lives around us. It’s time to move to a new era where we work together towards solutions. These resources are for everyone.

Health Information

Providing Information on cheap, safe effective health and immunity boosting therapies

Vital Resources

An abundance of articles, documentaries, references and places to find independent information

Legal Articles

Access to Melbourne’s legal petition and class action information
Protestival shows that Melbournians can create a positive response to government lockdowns.

As the festival capital of the world, Melbournians have been locked down, but not shut down.

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